This blog explores history. The activities of Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005)’s capable human being, that frail vulnerable, suffering creature who creates, destroys and rebuilds the world together with others, are considered here through the work of historians, and others, who through their craft, impact and enrich the study of history.

Talks, lectures, articles, books and other artefacts that I come across are reflected upon here in this blog. It is also a starting point and a writing aid for a collection of essays on Ricoeur’s fascination with history and the work of historians.

Additionally, the blog will contain written interviews with practitioners of history, scholars and students from related disciplines, archivists and archive volunteers, museum curators, re-constructors and re-enactors.

In other words, like an intellectual butterfly, I give myself leave here to explore the nooks and crannies of the garden of history.*Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Chintra Anne Weliwita-Gunaratne of Waters Reach Art for kind permission to use her image of the owl and the butterfly ©.owl and butterfly better version


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